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CSR - Employee Welfare

Ensuring the health and safety of every employee.

The true well being of a company lies in the well being of its employees. The employees are the biggest assets of any company and hence, at Saish Metaflow, we take that extra step to ensure not only their physical health and safety, but also their psychological well being.

We can proudly declare that we have faced no major safety hazard in our over 25 years of existence and we strive hard to maintain that record. As we work with many chemicals, we ensure the protection of our employees at every stage by training them in the best handling practises and providing them protective gear.

Saish Metaflow’s health and safety programs are developed to detect, reduce and manage risks, and to promote the safe production, distribution, use and disposal of its products. Employees are encouraged to identify potential risk areas and risk reduction practises are implemented after properly evaluating the risks. Communication plays an important role in this process and steps are taken to promote it.