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Products - Defoamers

Saish Metaflow offers a range of defoamers which are highly concentrated, liquid products for use in a number of treatment processes. Our range of defoamers are used in textile manufacturing, water treatment, surface coatings, polymerization processes such as emulsion polymerization, painting processes and many others.

Our defoamers are effective over a wide pH range and provide a high efficiency level even at very low concentrations. They promote very fast breakage of bubbles and retain a high efficiency over a long period.

Saish Metaflow offers a full range of defoamers based on organic oil, mineral oil and silicone oil to suit every need of our customers even in the most demanding applications such as application of coatings by spraying.

Our defoamers are designed to provide the desired defoaming strength with the desired formulation compatibility for optimal defoaming performance. They help to eliminate film defects with no shear limitations and a broad system compatibility.