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Products - Shell Parting Agents

Saish Metaflow offers highly effective shell parting agents for use during the manufacture of sand cores and moulds. They are effective for the entire range of sand binder backgrounds including bentonite bonded green sand, phenolic and furan resin bonded sands, sand cured in hot boxes and many others. They impart a smooth, glossy finish to the sand cores and moulds while showing no signs of discolouration.

Our shell parting agents offer the following advantages:

• Effective and efficient separation of cores from their patterns irrespective of the complexity and intricacy of the sand core or shell.
• Smooth finish to cores.
• Reduces rejections due to blowholes since the dried layer of the product evolves negligible gases during pouring.
• Eliminates the formation of any deposition on the dies and patterns.

Apart from a range of shell parting agents, we offer various grades of silicone greases to assist in the release of cores and moulds from the deep cavity areas. These greases provide a smooth release of the sand cores thereby reducing the risk of breakage at a later stage.