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Products - Silicone Greases

In shell moulding, the shells which are made of resin coated sands tend to face a lot of breakage due to the viscous and sticky tendency of the shells while removing from the pattern. This also causes de-shaping of the patterns due to the deposits of resin used in the sand. To overcome this critical problem, Saish Metaflow offers silicone greases which are extremely useful in leaving behind a clean pattern and producing shells which are free from any internal stress.

We also offer silicone greases that are used in die-casting industries for ejector pins or deep cavity areas of the dies where application of the die casting lubricant is difficult.

In forging industries, due to the heavy forging load, sticking of components in the die cavity occurs very often. Therefore, to overcome this problem, silicone grease is used singly or along with an oil based graphite lubricant. Silicone greases reduces the friction between die and the forged components to treat extent.

In plastic industries, it is used to release the moulded plastic item from the die with ease. A single application is effective for several ejections. It also imparts glossy finish to the components.