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Products - Deep Drawing & Pressing Lubricants

SAISH METAFLOW offers a complete line of water and oil based forming lubricants for use during sheet metal forming processes especially deep drawing. This innovative technology represents over 20 years of lubricant development for any deep drawing and forming application which include the next generation of water based lubricants formulated to promote a cleaner environment and lower operating costs.

The process of forming the sheet metal into the shape required generates friction and surface abrasion. By choosing the right lubricant, manufacturers can protect the tool and die surface from scratching or galling as well as minimising and preventing surface abrasions.

The HYPRESS range of sheet metal forming lubricants is designed to provide exceptional tool protection, minimize wear and have superior forming quality resulting in optimized costs even in the most difficult applications. Our facility also allows us to modify any grade to make it tailor-made for your individual forming process.

HYPRESS GR Series - Non water miscible Lubricants for Deep Drawing & Punching

With the GR series, SAISH METAFLOW offers a range of products tailored to meet various viscosity and performance requirements which is based on the latest technology. These grades allow drawing and forming operations of any alloy including stainless steel with the highest degrees of difficulty regarding drawing ratio and material quality.


Brownish viscous paste-like fluid which is specially blended with extreme pressure additives and vegetable fatty soaps for better lubricity to offer a stable film bonding to the metal surface. It is widely used as a deep drawing and pressing lubricant for automotive components.


Medium viscosity fluid having extreme pressure, tackiness and anti-wear additives imparting excellent load carrying ability as encountered in metal forming application. These oils reduce oil consumption and provide both improved surface finish & increased die life.


High performance viscous fluid with advanced lubricity additives for outstanding lubrication. It has easy washability which facilitates their removal from the finished surfaces before further processing.

HYPRESS DM Series - Water miscible Lubricants for Deep Drawing & Punching

The HYPRESS DM product series has been designed for either direct application as a neat oil or as an emulsion, in some cases, after diluting with water. Since cleaning can be done with pure, slightly heated water, excellent surface qualities as well as very economical production processes and easy processing are guaranteed.


Viscous fluid containing a special package of extreme pressure, tackiness and anti-rust additives for superior performance. It is widely used as a deep drawing and pressing lubricant for automotive components.


High viscosity fluid having extreme pressure and anti-rust additives imparting excellent load carrying. It can be diluted with water depending upon severity of the required operation.


High performance medium viscosity fluid with advanced lubricity additives for outstanding lubrication.